Abigail somehow got herself volunteered to be Team Captain. She's not really sure how that happened.

She teaches the Beginner Flyball classes at Adventure Unleashed Dog Training and can often be seen coaching and instructing at team practices.

In addition to coaching she is also a veterinarian, so she serves as the team's medical and fitness adviser.

She has four dogs, Sulley, Flux, Mouse, and Vivid.

Sulley is a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix adopted in 2013. He is useful on the flyball team as a distraction dog and for holding down laps during downtime at tournaments.

Flux is a 2016 Border Jack! He loves to run, scream and chase Frisbees. Flux is now retired from flyball, but enjoying some other sports.

Mouse is a Whippet. He loves screaming, vet wrap, food, and running!

Vivid is an Australian Koolie puppy. She loves learning and being a fun puppy.